Breath as a doctor without limits – QS24 Gesundheitsfernsehen

Humans take in about 12,000 litres of air every day and consume an average of about 2,500 litres of oxygen. In the process, we only use about 4 % of the oxygen content in the air, not the supposed 21 %, as is often assumed.

However, it is extremely important to know how much oxygen humans actually consume. The higher the consumption, the more energy the cell can produce and generate ATP. This means that a higher energy content in the body leads to an improved ability to regenerate, repair and heal.

The question arises as to why more emphasis is not placed on this in medicine, or why patients are not trained to achieve higher oxygen utilisation. It is demonstrably possible to achieve this by training or by breathing on technical devices!

For 22 years now, the Airnergy company has shown that it is possible to produce the high-quality, high-energy air of the forest, which lives on air, water and light, at home as well. This is done through a technical replication of photosynthesis.