The best things in life are free

Creation, in an entirely unselfish way, provides us with life-sustaining resources free of charge. And this does not only refer to food such as fruit and vegetables. The most important of all foods for which there is no alternative, is air, or rather the breathing atmosphere that we continuously inhale and exhale, and without which we can only survive for a few minutes.

If you want to take your life into your own hands, if you want to take responsibility for your own health and that of your family, if you want to take care of your vital energy, your zest for life, your ability to perform and regenerate, you should think about the quality of the air you breathe. After all, we humans take in more than 10,000 litres of this indispensable breathing gas every day. We are often not aware of this.

Biohacking with the familyWhat is noticeable, however, is that more and more people are now developing their own consciousness, asking questions and thinking for themselves, being more critical about the things they want to do for themselves and those they prefer not to do. They are looking for a way to lead a better and longer life, healthy and free from symptoms.

Biohacking is particularly about analysing, understanding and, in the optimum case, intelligently improving environmental influences and their often profound effects on our bodies, as well as the body’s own repair processes and biochemical processes.

Biohackers do not simply track their day via smartwatch with fitness tracker or app. They simply want to understand more deeply how their organism systemically functions and what it really needs to improve or maintain crucial body functions, such as concentration or sleep.

Which brings us back to air. One thing is clear: we cannot live without air. There is no alternative to air. And it should be vital and vibrant, i.e. preferably full of vitality and forest energy. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy healthy breathing air in organic quality at the supermarket around the corner or at the petrol station. But who knows what the future will bring.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), air pollution is the greatest environmental health risk to humans today. More than 88 % of premature deaths are caused by air pollution as well as geoengineering measures, especially in low- and middle-income countries. According to this, nine out of ten people in the world currently breathe polluted low-energy air. According to the WHO, this causes the deaths of seven million people every year. One third of deaths from strokes, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution. The extent to which the WHO’s official figures are accurate has not been verified.

Light controls all the basic processes of our bodyBut not only the human being itself is breathing, no, every single one of our cells is breathing. From the point of view of physics, we humans consist of 80 to 120 trillion cells, each of which requires and consumes energy for cell protection and the formation of new cells. This cycle of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, also known as internal respiration, is essential for life.

And then comes the most important player in this natural interplay: Light. Natural light. Light governs all fundamental processes inside and outside of our bodies, in addition to initiating and maintaining life. No wonder light has always been a universal symbol of creation, divinity, spirituality, well-being and holistic health. Light is connecting all aspects and areas of our lives.


The following sentence can clearly be described as sustainable: “Let there be light!” (Quote: God, Creation day 1).
Light is the essence of life. The sunlight is giving us life. For more than three billion years, light has been the primary source of energy for what is probably the most important building block of our existence: photosynthesis.

Now I’m sure it’s dawning on some of you. Photosynthesis? Wasn’t there something …? We’ll try to keep it short:
In order to start photosynthesis, plants also need carbon dioxide, better known as CO2, water and energy.

Photosynthese verwandelt Wasser und CO2 in SauerstoffPlants receive the necessary energy from the sunlight. They absorb water through their roots and carbon dioxide is available in the air, since, among other sources, it is exhaled by humans and animals. Both trees and plants absorb the water and the carbon dioxide, use the light energy and thus generate the oxygen that we humans need.

This is what the leading science teaches us. In addition, plants also produce glucose, a sugar that they can use to feed themselves and grow. And which also serves as food for many humans and animals.

Cellular life on our mother earth thus only becomes possible through photosynthesis.

Light is ALL. Light is all we need.

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Einstein’s most famous equation E=MC2 focuses on light. It states that energy is simply the multiplication of our physical body in the square space of light. George Wald, Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine in 1967, recognised that life depends on a limited range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Light, from a conventional science perspective, appears to be a physics or quantum physics phenomenon, whereas life is a dynamic of biology and physiology. These university worlds or disciplines, however, have very little in common. They require very distinct academic backgrounds and research approaches.

Einstein’s most famous equation E=MC2 focuses on light.On 15 August 1932, Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr delivered a lecture at the International Congress of Light Therapists in Copenhagen that radically changed this. He proposed that life might not be reducible to the physical evidence presented by our experiments considering the particle and wave aspects of physics.

In other words: If we are killing an animal to scientifically study the functions of its organs presented in a lifeless form, we may have already carelessly erased the fundamental trace of life.

In addition to that, the human eye, the very tool that scientists rely on to conduct such experiments, has its own limitations and this can lead us away from discovering the fundamental truth.

After all, our visual sensors, our eyes, can only detect a small range of the light spectrum. If we continue to base our intellectual analysis on what we are able to clearly observe with the human eye, then the so-called evidence-based medicine as a mindset must be completely questioned.

Dr. Bohr’s groundbreaking lecture represents the beginning of the transition from physics to biology. His lecture had a profound effect on Dr. Max Delbrück in particular. He spontaneously shifted his research focus to the role of light in life, which ultimately led to his Nobel Prize-winning discovery regarding genetic information in microbes. His groundbreaking discovery is recognised as the beginning of contemporary molecular biology.

This is what set the following far-reaching chain reaction in motion: Dr. Delbrück in turn inspired another Nobel laureate, Erwin Schrödinger, to pose a profound query. His lecture on “What is life?” then inspired Francis Crick to conduct additional research on life, together with James Watson, which led to the discovery of the DNA helix structure for which both received the Nobel Prize.

But wait. Rejoiced too soon. Although DNA has been defined as the “molecule of life”, the Human Genome Project was unable to explain the functions of more than 97 percent of human DNA, which has been dubbed “junk DNA”. So we are back to square one.
You just have to imagine that: The onward journey of discovery from light to life has taken over a century, and it is only now that we are slowly beginning to understand, to take responsibility and start looking deeper and inform ourselves about the extent to which light influences our health and well-being.

Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg made a significant contribution to what we now regard as groundbreaking findings. He pioneered studies on photosynthesis and life about a century ago. His early work on the effect of light wavelength on photosynthetic efficiency laid the groundwork for our current understanding of life and light. His research on the influence of light on life also expanded on the health implications of cellular energy.

Among the many remarkable accomplishments by various scientists Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp created a new terrain of biophoton research – biophotons being small quanta of light. He discovered radiation emitted spontaneously by DNA in living cells which stores biophotons and releases them through human skin. This universal biophoton holds the elusive key to health and well-being.

“We know today that man is essentially a being of light. In terms of healing, the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can virtually be repaired within hours by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.”

Already our grandparents told us: Let there be air for healing …

The function of our entire metabolism depends on lightSo our health is governed by a bioenergy field that is invisible to us humans and which is influenced by light. When we are injured or ill, the damaged area of the body, organs and in the worst case the whole body lose their biologically required harmonic, coherent state.

This lack of coherence leads to physical discomfort or biological changes such as low oxygen concentration, nerve damage, inflammation and so on.

This state of coherence not only determines the health of the individual, but can also be seen in the quality of different foods. Restoring a harmonious, coherent state in our body is thus a prerequisite for healing.


An excerpt from the scientific article on the Airnergy Stream by Jibin Chi MD.MBA.MBI


The Airnergy Stream is another brilliant technological invention from Airnergy. Instead of converting energy externally, Airnergy Stream emits a special light directly to the skin, thereby triggering a cascade of physiological responses that promote healing. This technology has helped countless people around the world, from elite athletes seeking to improve their athletic performance to individuals looking for ways to improve physical and mental health. It has also been used to treat pets and companion animals. Various individuals and professional medical practitioners have reported overwhelmingly positive health effects over the years. In particular, remarkable healing effects occurred for a variety of ailments, joint problems, wounds, infections and other health problems. To this end, the scientific explanation for the mechanism has also been thoroughly investigated. Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, a strong advocate of Airnergy technology, has proposed the new term dermovital therapy for this. Undoubtedly, the scientific explanation based on the metabolic understanding of oxygen activation and free radical reduction has been thoroughly researched. […]

Read the full article by Dr Jibin Chi (Director of CHI Awakening Academy, Sweden, and member of Airnergy’s Scientific Advisory Board) here:

Understanding and Copying Nature

– Viktor Schauberger

We have learned and we do know that nature is the mother of life and that all life originates and thrives in nature. The natural cycle is a living cycle. At its very core, Airnergy has been looking over the shoulders of nature as well as the existing scientific knowledge, and the company has been able to technologically create a corresponding processor and bring it to market maturity.

According to the principle of “understanding and copying nature”, unconventional pioneers and experienced biohackers from Airnergy have succeeded in converting the low-energy and polluted ambient air, that may be present in any room, into a clean and energy-rich air atmosphere and making it immediately available via a compact and affordable home energy recharging station.

Airnergy’s forest air generator is also used successfully in professional medical circles and is particularly popular as a basic application for anyone suffering from lack of energy and sleep.

Airnergy Stream, for example, is emitting a special light directly under the skin to initiate a veritable chain reaction of physiological healing-promoting reactions. It was scientist and physician Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, well-known for his energy metabolism expertise and a strong advocate of the technology, who, in cooperation with and on behalf of the manufacturer, created the scientific term dermovitalisation.

Following the discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg, the developers of Airnergy Stream have selected the precise light spectrum for the strongest possible effect, comparable to photosynthesis in the forest. It was also Dr. Warburg who discovered that haemoglobin, the most important oxygen carrier in our blood, is the same as chlorophyll in plants. Both evolved from a respiratory pigment capable of using light energy through photosynthesis.

This bio-physical process by which light is created in the Airnergy Stream is almost the same as in a clinical therapy for cancer known as Photodynamic Therapy.

A light-triggered activation of oxygen results in the creation of singlet oxygen, which, as we know from physics and quantum physics, has the highest level of energy. Within a fraction of a second of its formation, this energy is instantaneously released as visible light. In the process, this energy is transferred to the water molecules in the air.

This unique spectrum of light has life-enhancing properties and can induce or re-balance coherence in our bodies.

Curiosity keeps you alive!

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Mit Airnergy energiearme und belastete Umgebungsluft in sauberere und energiereiche Luftatmosphäre umwandelnNow we know a little more about the vital importance of light and air. But there is still a third element missing, namely water.

Through Prof. Gerald Pollack’s research, we now know that when exposed to light, the living water inside of our bodies instantly becomes polarised. When we are exposed to harmonic light, our bodies immediately become more energetic. We can feel that immediately. And since our body, with its trillions of cells, is made up of about 99 % water, we might at least be able to guess what this can mean. In his scientific work “Water is more than just H2O”, Pollack proves that water is the primary energy reservoir and transporter of energy.

But let’s get back to photosynthesis. It was once thought that photosynthesis was solely applicable to plants. However, scientific research has made the stunning revelation that human bodies have a capability similar to plants. During photosynthesis, water molecules are split and oxygen is created from them, as we know. Scientists have now confirmed that this mechanism can also occur beneath our skin.

The black skin pigment, melanin, can divide water locally and create more oxygen when exposed to light. What’s more, extensive scientific research has shown that skin contains photoreceptive chemicals known as melanopsins. While the exact roles of these proteins remain elusive, it is known that they can convert light energy into chemical energy.

Light, Air and Water: The Trilogy of CreationAs a matter of fact, the ability to harvest light is encoded in our DNA. Many scientific studies have shown that light plays an important role in DNA damage as well as DNA repair and protection which, as we mentioned before, is crucial for our health and the onset of diseases.

It is time to understand that what we know is but a drop, while the unknown is an ocean. The most essential thing is to liberate our minds from the constraints of what we can see and understand with our senses and sensory organs and from the limitations of our understanding.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,” the famous discoverer Nikola Tesla, who promoted the acceptance of “free energy”, once far-sightedly said, “it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”


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