Hennef biotech company Airnergy at FlowFest 2023

Waldbaden Airnergy auf dem FlowFest in München

Indoor forest bathing: Biohacking starts with breathing

Hennef, 1 July 2023 – The Hennef-based biotech company Airnergy is once again taking part in FlowFest 2023, the ultimate event for biohacking and holistic transformation. From 7 to 9 July in Munich, it’s once again all about exploring and unleashing your full potential for the positive transformation of your own health.

At the Avalon, a former power plant, innovative ways to connect body, mind and nature and create synergies will be presented. Topics range from holistic health, interpersonal relationships and personal growth to entrepreneurship and smart and contemporary technology.

Since biohacking starts with breathing – humans breathe around 10,000 litres of air atmosphere every day – the health manufacturer from North Rhine-Westphalia and pioneer of a groundbreaking technology cannot be missing from the festival of health-conscious peak performers. German developers, technology and biohacker pioneers of the Airnergy company have succeeded in converting the energy-poor and polluted ambient air in the room into a cleaner, energy-rich air atmosphere uniquely, following the example of Mother Nature and comparable to natural photosynthesis, and making it immediately available to users.

With this smallest air spa in the world, the energy of the healthy forest air can be absorbed indoors: an indoor forest bath, so to speak. The mobile forest generator is itself a small power station. It has been used for years in about 70 countries by progressive doctors, therapists and in clinics, and is particularly popular with medical experts and those affected, especially in cases of stress, burnout or CFS, pathogenic environmental factors, organic and functional complaints, lack of energy and sleep and premature aging processes.

At the “official class reunion”, as Germany’s best-known biohacker and FlowFest initiator Max Gotzler calls it, Airnergy Research will be there:
On Saturday, 8 July 2023 (14:15 – 14:40), scientific advisor Dr Jibin Chi, medical doctor, lecturer, expert in energy healing and CHI meditation and founder of the CHI Awakening Academy, will speak about “The Tao of Biohacking in Airnergy” on the FlowFest stage. “Breathing is the bridge between body and mind. Spirovitalisation through Airnergy infuses the body with high levels of naturally pure energy, which in turn allows for more intense detoxification, vitalisation, well-being and rejuvenation,” said the internationally renowned researcher. “We all need life-sustaining electrical energy at the cellular level – and that’s exactly what Airnergy provides.”

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